Armrest Seat Arona

Armrest Seat Arona
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Product Description

Specific armrest for Seat Arona (from 2017)

IMPORTANT: In order to avoid mistakes when choosing the model please check if the illustration.

  • Foldable in vertical position
  • Black leather top with shiny black outline
  • External anti-fingerprint surface
  • Includes pen holder and a removable protective rubber tray inside

Easy installation, average time of 15 minutes.

Fix the armrest to the vehicle's console using the special screws included in the packaging.


• Black car armrests are made of durable plastics (TPE, ABS, POM) and have steel joints, thanks to which they are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to loads of up to 80 kg.

• The upper part of the armrest is sewn with high-quality artificial leather and softly padded, which ensures the armrest is comfortable to use and looks elegant.

• The inner part of the armrest is finished with rubber, and the whole is characterized by a modern design and aesthetic finish.


• Designed with attention to detail, the armrest combines the function of a comfortable shoulder rest while driving with a handy storage compartment for a phone and other small items.

• The compartment lid opens with a button, and inside there are additional pen holders.

• The armrest can be tilted upwards to a 95° angle, which facilitates access to the handbrake and the space under the armrest.

• All mechanical components of the armrest and its base are precisely connected, ensuring smooth and silent opening of the compartment and lifting of the armrest.

• Mounting bracket dedicated to the car's model and generation, which ensures a perfect fit to the vehicle's interior.


• The armrests are characterized by a careful finish and an excellent value for money.

• ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates and compliance with EU standards further guarantee the highest product quality and safety.

• The product does not contain harmful materials or substances.

• Armrests are manufactured entirely in the EU and are covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.


• The outside of the armrests can be cleaned using commercially available detergents. Solvents cannot be used for cleaning.

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